Kiersten Steinkraus-Vinluan



Being born and raised in Laramie, Wyoming, Kiersten is a proud Wyoming native. She graduated from the University of Wyoming with her Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion in 2013, and received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Regis University in 2016. She is excited to be back in Wyoming. Kiersten is passionate about motivating and inspiring her patients to get the most out of their bodies. Although she enjoys working with patients of all diagnoses, she has a strong interest in treating jaw pain, headaches and dizziness.

When not working, Kiersten enjoys spending time with her husband and her two children, family and friends, attending UW sporting events, traveling and eating good food. 

Continuing Education:

  • CRATFA: Craniomandibular and Craniofacial Dysfunctions and Pain: Foundations Courses 1a (Craniomandibular Dysfunctions and Functional Relations), 1b (The Cranial Nervous System: examination, treatment and management). CRAFTA-2a, Clinical Management of Craniomandibular & Craniofacial Dysfunctions and Pain and CRAFTA-2b, Clinical Management of Temporomandibular & Craniofacial Dysfunctions and Pain. CRAFTA-3: Ocular, Vestibular and Craniocervical Pain and Dysfunction course; Assessment and Management in Children and Adults.
  • Kinetacore Functional Dry Needling Level 1 
  • Stecco Method of Fascial Manipulation Foundations 1a, 1b.
  • Redcord Neurac 1, Neurac Lower Extremity, Neurac Lower Back and Pelvis and Neurac Upper Body