Pre & Post Surgical Rehab

Pre & Post Surgical Rehab

If you are feeling a little concerned about how you will recover following surgery, you are not alone. Everyone has heard stories of how difficult it can be to get back on your feet after an operation. You may have even gone through surgery before, so you have first-hand experience. Fortunately, there is a relatively new approach to physical therapy and surgery that is helping a lot of people recover faster and more fully. Pre-surgical rehab can make life after surgery easier. Contact our offices to learn more!

What is Pre-Surgical Physical Therapy?

Pre-surgical rehab, often called pre-hab, is a simple concept. Instead of waiting until after you have gone through surgery to do rehab, why not do some before as well? It may not seem terribly innovative, but pre-hab has been gaining a lot of popularity with surgeons, patients, and physical therapists—because it delivers serious results.

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Comparing Post-Surgical and Pre-Surgical Physical Therapy

Post-Surgical Physical Therapy

Most people are aware that surgery should be avoided if possible. But sometimes surgery is the only option available to improve your health and your life. You know that going through surgery means going through physical therapy as well. Often you are required to rest immediately following surgery so that you can heal. You have to give your body time to recover.

Unfortunately, all that lying around can cause you to lose strength and mobility. Your injury may have caused you to be less active as well, which can cause you to lose muscle mass, flexibility and mobility. There is also the damage caused by the actual surgery to consider—damage that may take time and exercise to fix.

Physical therapy after surgery is designed to make you stronger and more flexible. It is intended to repair your body as much as possible so you can get back to leading a normal life. Everyone’s results are different, but you can guarantee that physical therapy will lead to better outcomes than going without it. It will help with mobility, strength, pain management and more.

Pre-Surgical Physical Therapy

It has been known for a long time that patients who are in better physical condition prior to surgery tend to recover more quickly. However, it has only been fairly recently that doctors and physical therapists have discovered how beneficial even just a few sessions of physical therapy can be before surgery. You do not have to be an athlete to benefit from a little exercise before surgery—especially if the exercise is targeted to your specific needs. A physical therapist is the perfect person to help you find and perform the right exercises prior to your surgery.

Pre-hab prepares you for surgery in several ways. It helps you to get stronger and more flexible, but it also helps improve your mindset. Doing a little work to prepare for surgery allows you to feel more involved in the process. The exercises your physical therapist takes you through in pre-hab will also be similar if not the same as the exercises you will do after surgery—so you will be able to train them when you are in good health. This training will make doing the exercises after surgery easier.
Don’t worry if your surgery is coming up soon. Even a few sessions of pre-hab can make a noticeable difference in your recovery.

How Does Pre-Hab Work?

The pre-hab process is not complicated. You just need to talk to your doctor and physical therapist about getting pre-hab and they will take care of the details. Your physical therapist will do a thorough examination and design a set of exercises based on your body and your coming surgery. Then you will go through the exercises with the physical therapist and probably at home on your own. Ideally, you will be able to go through multiple pre-hab sessions before surgery.

Your Pre-Hab Team

Our physical therapy team is here for all your pre-hab needs. If you are going to have surgery, please contact us to discuss pre-hab. We are standing by to answer your questions and schedule a free consult with a physical therapist. For more information request a consult from one of our many locations today!